Sunday, June 04, 2006

Adventure Thru Inner Space

So what on Earth is this round thing you ask? Well for over twenty years I didn't know either. The only thing I knew was that it had to do with Disneyland. (Being that it was smack in the middle of an old Disneyland photo album of my dad's.) But one day it finally clicked that it was the nucleus of the atom from Monsanto's Adventure Thru Inner space. Seeing that Tomorrowland has always been my favorite land in Disneyland, finding such an old picture from its glory days was a big find for me. Today's focus is on the two pictures I have of this attraction.

This second picture is of my uncle enjoying the view from the Peoplemover (The all time greatest attraction in Disneyland history). Notice the Mighty Microscope in the background, along with the snowflake mural. I had no problem identifying the two classic attractions in this photo.

View these two photos, along with many others from this attraction here.

Or if you're really bored, visit Monsanto's website here.


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