Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Movieland- She Done Him Wrong

Here is a picture of Mae West from the movie She Done Him Wrong. It was actually a pretty nice set, but my poor old camera was not doing too well with the dim light. My other pictures of the set were even more blurry. Like Charlie Chaplin, Mae West is one of those icons that people know even if they have never seen one of her movies.

Because of the poor quality of my other pictures, here is a scan of a Movieland postcard. The set had changed little from when this picture was taken until Movieland closed (Maybe a new boa now and again).

Instead of auctioning off the original Mae West figure, they sold a replica. Notice the different pose and dress. The quality of the figure is still really good (Though I think she looks like Bette Midler). This figure still sold for $3000. The set was split up into pieces when it was sold. $600 for the Chandelier, $600 for the ottoman and table/lamp combo, and $300 for the bare set.

Some more Wax Facts on Mae West. Movieland really was a significant place for movie memorabilia and history.

Many of the figures moved to a sister wax museum at fisherman's wharf in San Francisco. Find out which figures moved by visiting the Wax Museum's website here.

View Mae West's filmography here.


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