Monday, September 25, 2006

Catalina Stables

Catalina Island, although no longer in its heyday, still provides Southern California residents with a wonderfully quaint get away spot. Spend a day, weekend, or a whole week on the island and experience everything from a bicycle ride to a submarine voyage. With its blend of old and new, Catalina Island has something for everyone.

These photographs were taken of the Catalina Stables, a business that offers horseback riding excursions into the wilderness of the island. The old west theme of the buildings, along with the artifacts around them gave the feeling of being in another time and place (even if not completely authentic). I highly recommend a trip to Catalina for anyone wanting to escape for a couple of days. The sign on the carriage says "Keep Out" instead of "Keep Off".

Visit the official Catalina Island website here.


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Anonymous said...

The stables are now gone. (2011)