Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cabazon Dinosaurs- Part Three

Mr. Rex stands tall and menacing behind Dinny the dinosaur. Although he has a pretty significant belly, which may prevent him from chasing after your cars (or perhaps he has someone's car inside it), he still looks pretty awesome. On the day I visited, it was fairly cold and windy, which adds to the mood of the giant dinosaurs.

I mentioned in a previous post that these photographs were taken during a very uncertain time in the history of the attraction, and this picture shows just how easily another buyer could have purchased it and destroyed this piece of history. Thank goodness that they appear to be safe for the foreseeable future.

One last view of Mr. Rex to show his stature. instead of a car, inside the dinosaur is a museum which houses paintings of dinosaurs, and fossils. Touted as four stories tall, Mr. Rex is a truly can't miss attraction of the California desert.

Visit the Cabazon Dinosaur's official website here.


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