Saturday, January 06, 2007

Knott's Berry Farm- Before and After Part 2


The focus of this next shot from Knott's Berry Farm is the Calico Railroad. Good old number 41 awaits passengers for a trip around the Farm. This picture was my dads. I am not old enough to remember when this shot was taken, which is between 1970 and 1973. I would not be born for several more years. The most noticeable aspect of the shot is the amount of space in Calico Square. Knott's had so much room. The lack of crowds in this shot also helps with the scale of the park. Another great detail are the trees behind the station. Beyond them is Reflection Lake, which was removed to make way for Silver Bullet, a very slow loading overhead coaster which kind of looms over some previously serene areas of the park.


Notice how cluttered this shot is. Even without counting the people, there is so much going on. I suppose having more to do is a good thing, but this large square feels way more crowded than it was even when I was a kid. The train is barely visible since the addition of those small structures. They have also added safety rails to block people from the train, which basically cuts the square in half. Notice the lack of trees in the background. They sure could use them to block the view of Montezooma's Revenge and Silver Bullet. This is supposed to be in a ghost town, and having two very fast coasters up in the sky doesn't quite fit in with the theme.

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