Friday, January 12, 2007

Rosslyn Hotel

Great timeless architecture is represented here in the Rosslyn Hotel. I kind of just stumbled across these buildings during a recent trip to Downtown. There are so many historical buildings downtown, but I never have really studied what is there. Apart from the Bradbury building, I don't really know that much, and haven't visited many of them. But these two structures just call to you from blocks away. The signage is just so incredibly beautiful and classic.

Apparently, the first structure was built in 1913 and another across the street was annexed in 1923, thus creating the dual structure. A tunnel was built underground to connect the two buildings. This shot shows just how easily the buildings draw you from afar.

The Rosslyn Hotel sign.

The second sign atop the second building built in 1923.

View more information on the Parkinson Architectural Firm here.


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