Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Richfield Service Station

I wish I could remember the town that this old Richfield service station is in, but it is on the way to Sequoia National Park. I was surprised when I saw such a cool example of old fashioned art deco inspired architecture in a small town. It reminded me of the time I went to mammoth and saw another great classic station. A few years later I saw the very same building in the Nicolas Cage movie Gone in Sixty Seconds. While this is not that building, it does have a similar feel, just on a subtler scale.

The same building from a reverse angle. These two shots were taken in 2005. The very next year the building had a slightly different look, and a purpose. Richfield Petroleum merged with Atlantic Refining in 1966 to form ARCO, which is now owned by British Petroleum.

Next time: More Richfield.



Chris Salazar said...

I beleive this would be considered part of Visalia, on the 198 off the 99, indeed on the way to Sequoia. My mom lives in Visalia, and we've often passed this on the way to a restaraunt up there next to a waterfall. There are a few old places like this scattered around.

Bob said...

Thanks for the info Chris. I knew it wasn't quite at Three Rivers, but I don't often pay attention to the actual names of the cities. I just keep an eye out for nice looking buildings. My fiancée is usually driving when we go up to the mountains (cause she knows I like taking pictures and we can't stop at every place).