Friday, March 09, 2007

LAX Theme Building Closes

For a little while anyway. I was at work the other day when a coworker was watching television during her break. I heard the ABC7 anchor speak the line "Los Angeles Landmark has closed." Of course he didn't say which one it was, and I always get alarmed when I hear a teaser like that. Eventually they announced that it was the famous Theme Building at LAX. I was relieved to learned that it was only a temporary closure. Inside the 1961 structure is the ultra Retro/Modern restaurant "Encounter", which is now closed for several months. The reason is because a large chunk of stucco fell off one of the arches onto the roof of the building. It should take six months to complete the necessary repairs, and the restaurant may even open earlier.

The Theme Building is such a part of Los Angeles that even before I learned what had caused the problem, I knew they were going to fix it. The news report stated that in surveys about Los Angeles the Theme Building was second only to the Hollywood Bowl in recognizability. I pass the building often and I always remain in awe at the shear beauty of the structure.

View a little more information about the building here.


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