Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ZODYS Name Tag

This post is for Chris Salazar, who wanted something about Zodys. No, this isn't my old name tag, but it was my dad's old name tag. We share first names. My mom and dad met while working at the Torrance Zodys in 1969. She worked in the snack bar, and he in Housewares. My strongest memory of the store is buying M.A.S.K. toys when I was 9 or 10. But Circuit City, which owned Zodys, closed all the stores to focus on their electronics stores. The circuit city that was build across the street from the Zodys site, was recently demolished because they built newer stores on Crenshaw and in the city of Hawthorne.



Chris Salazar said...

My dad worked at Two Guys in Torrance for a time, and my mom worked at the Crocker bank near the Del Amo mall. The last Zody's I can remember must have been in the north Long Beach area I guess. I didn't realize until recently that Two Guys was basically a discount store and not on the same level as Zody's (not that anyone's keeping track).

I never caught on the to the mask toys, but I always thought that car with the gull wing doors was pretty cool.

Wow a post for me? I feel...Zoderiffic! Thanks!

So Cal Peeper said...

actually, across the street from the zodys was The Akron - which was something between a Cost Plus and a Big Lots.

They closed in the 80s.