Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Busch Gardens- Yahoo Flume Ride Part 3

The final drop is the most exciting part of any log ride. Here at Busch Gardens, the drop seems especially fun because of the cool 1970's environment. Look at the amazement on the faces of the two women in the log. No wonder they called this the YAHOO flume ride. The difference between a flume ride and a motor boat ride is the wonderfully thrilling drop!

After the drop is the part of the ride where the wake may or may not get the rider wet. The men in this photo share the same excitement that the women in the previous shot do. Upon closer look at the shot, one very interesting thing can be seen in the log...

THE MAN IS HOLDING HIS BABY ON THE RIDE! That's right, this must be from before height limits were established for theme park attractions. I would have been scared silly if I was that baby. Only the man's arm is keeping her from flying out into the water. But all's well that ends well.


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