Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Old Towne Mall- Singing Security Guard

This picture of the Old Towne Mall Singing Security Guard is probably the most accessible picture of the mall on the web. I held off posting it because most people who are interested in the mall have most likely already seen it. For those of you who have not, here is the singing security guard in all his happy 1970's glory. I like the banjo player and pianist in the background. One interesting feature of this photo is the carousel in the far background. It's not the double decker carousel that many of us remember in the mall. I have no verification, but I assume that the mall opened with this smaller carousel, then upgraded to the double decker shortly after.

As a bonus, here's an ad from "The Book Experience" discount bookstore in Old Towne. Anybody remember this place, because I don't. Although, I would love to believe that it was a small store with a wooden ladder on rollers so patrons could reach books on the top shelf. In reality it was probably just your standard bookstore. They did seem to offer many full featured services like 14K Gold imprinting, gift wrapping, and mailing service. I remember the B. Dalton (or was it Walden books) which came later, and was one of the last stores to remain at Old Towne.


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bobpiano said...

Yup--that's Bruce, the singing cop--not really a security guard--just a part-time actor/singer who I accompanied on piano for many months when Old Towne Mall opened. Bruce was fond of using his break time to inhale some Southern California delicacies. He was also Santa during the first year (1972).