Monday, July 30, 2007

EPCOT Wand removal

I was fortunate to visit Walt Disney World on my honeymoon during the beginning stages of the removal of the ugly Mickey wand at Epcot. This first picture shows the wand without any modification. But looks can be deceiving, as there is more than meets the eye. . .

This reverse view shows that the back of the sign is missing the "ot" from Epcot. They were going pretty slow on the removal of the lettering. This picture is from the 11th of July.

A slightly closer view shows the giant crane they need to remove the sign. They just can't remove it fast enough in my opinion.

Later on in the week most of the lettering was gone except for this lone E. I'm sure someone was sad to see the wand being removed, but I don't know who it is.

And the back of the wand on July 15th.

From World Showcase. One day, when I return to Epcot, I hope to see just Spaceship Earth. I wish the attraction was open when I went, but you can't have everything.

From the right angles, you'd hardly notice the wand was there anyway. This is how it should have looked all along.

Visit the Epcot website here.


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