Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pann's pt 5- The Devil is in the Details

Here's a few pictures of the wonderfully detailed lighting elements of Pann's. This long structure, which hangs above the counter portion of the restaurant, looks incredible. That's cork board that creates the stone-like textured squares.

Some really neat fixtures. Far better tan the ones we get in coffee shops today.

Another angle. It was pretty amazing to see how much of the place was preserved. Nobody gets this excited about the architecture of Starbucks or a new McDonalds, which says something for the emotional pull that Googie still has on the community. I'm too young to remember when Googie was new, so its appeal has something more to it than simple nostalgia.

A single light fixture, part of the amazing attention to detail that makes Pann's such a great place.

Visit the Pann's website here.

Next time. . . we eat and run.


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