Monday, September 10, 2007

Ken Miller Recreation Center

3341 Torrance Blvd, Torrance Ca, 90503

Today's focus is on the Ken Miller Recreation Center in the heart of the Torrance Cultural Art Center. Located next to the Plunge pool, and the Library and Police stations, the recreation center serves as a local meeting place for the residents of the South Bay. I was fortunate enough to attend a wedding reception here recently, and found the architecture of the facade quite appealing. I often passed this building and thought of how great the simple mid century architecture is.

Another view boasts the symmetry and simplicity of the building. The interior, remodeled in 2005, is nice, but hardly fits with its Modern roots.

A nice plaque which labels the building.

Outside, on the lawn is what probably was a bust of Ken Miller. Whatever it once was, it's long gone now.

This is what it reads. The sadness of neglect and vandalism. Probably the work of JR. Higher students one night at Co-Rec.

Learn more about the Ken Miller Rec Center here.


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