Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fox Drug Stores

1327 El Prado Ave Torrance, CA 90501

This great old drug store in old Torrance has such wonderful signage. Every time I go to this area, which is fairly often, I need to take a good look at it. For over fifty years this pharmacy has been serving the community of Torrance, and hopefully it will continue for some time.

Unfortunately, the trees block most views of the complete sign. So I guess anyone who wants to see the place should go there and catch it for yourself. The fourth Sunday of the month hosts an antique street faire, and that would be the best time to view the store.

Another shot. The store was closed on this trip. (As evidenced by the security gate being up.)

Another angle.

Such a beautiful sign. The owl is fake by the way, as if anyone thought otherwise.

View the Fox Drug website here.


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