Sunday, December 23, 2007

Santa's Village- Santa's Wishing Well

Merry Christmas to all! Here's a shot of the long gone Santa's Village in Sky Forest CA. This is the small wishing well that stood unsuspecting in a small corner of the park. The small crimson well collected change for the Crippled Children's Society. But with Santa's Village losing so much money every year, they soon became the charity. This shot was taken within a week of the park's closing. A late snowstorm made the park's last days very cold.

A shot of the sign inside the structure. A nice detail in an amusement park that had no rival (except the other Santa's Villages).

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Chris Salazar said...

I went there sometime in the late 1970's, and as I recall it was not the best kept place. There was a sleigh ride where a horse was supposed to pull you around a track, but there was no horse so a guy pushed us from the back! Head down, both hands on the was cold too!

With all the craziness I saw that day, I'm afraid the wishing well was probably overlooked. Thanks for bringing it up for attention!

Gina said...

Do you have any pictures of me there?

Anonymous said...

I never went to Santa's Village, but always remember the commercials on tv.