Saturday, June 28, 2008

Movieland- Lady of the Tropics

In today's post we see the tableau from the 1939 motion picture Lady of the Tropics. Wax figures of stars Robert Taylor and Hedy Lamarr pose in this small and simple scene. The lighting on each of the the figure's faces makes them look kind of distorted and almost nonhuman. I guess not every wax figure can be perfect.

A flash picture of the same shot. Now we see all the set pieces and scenery, but the figures still look a little off.

A wider shot highlights the entire tableau. It's actually pretty cool looking, even for its small size.

A close up of Taylor and Lamarr. In 1933, Hedy Lamarr caused quite a controversy when she posed topless in the Czechoslovakian film Ecstasy. It obviously didn't hurt her American Career.

The clap board sign which gives information on the film and actors.

During the 2006 Movieland auction, the Hedy Lamarr figure sold for $1200, and the Robert Taylor figure sold for $300. The set sold for $1500.

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