Saturday, June 07, 2008

Steve's Drive-In Liquor-ette

1232 Sepulveda Blvd Harbor City Ca, 90710

One of the great liquor store designs in the South Bay, Steve's Drive-In Liquor-ette has it all. The flashing lights, the typical arrow pointing to the location, and a clock. Not to mention the awesome font with the martini glasses.

Here's the building itself. There's actually three different businesses in the complex. The loan place on the left, as well as a travel agency I believe. The building was built in 1966 I believe, with a couple of improvements since then. They all share the same architecture.

The front of the building. The sign here really is something to see, and the 60's styling never seems to be matched by the bland lettering and dull sensibilities of today's modern design.


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Anonymous said...

Cool site; I was excited to see Steve's Liquor up there. I grew up in the "Woods," the housing tract located directly behind Steve's. That is truly one of the last best pieces of signage art in and around Harbor City. Actually, I can't think of any others right now, but maybe I'll repost when I remember one.
The Rose Motel on Pacific Coast Highway a few blocks west of Normandie had a beautiful neon rose sign that was replaced in the last 5 years or so with a flat plastic one... The Golden Ox, directly across the street from Steve's, had a sweet sign. But now it's Ted's Place. No offense Ted, but the Golden Ox had a legendary sign (and better fries) (oh- and Ms. Pac-Man)...But which great ones are still left?...
Anyway, thanks for giving Steve's some love.
My family used to call it "Jimmy's", I think because my dad was friends with a guy that worked there named Jimmy. He'd go buy beer after dinner and ask us "Want something from Jimmy's?"
I'd say "Yeah: I'll take some Fun Dip and this month's Playboy."
Steve's Liquor-ette Rules!

--Mike B.