Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sandy Vitale Dance Studio

Whenever I drive down Western Avenue in Gardena I see this beautiful old sign. Unfortunately, rust keeps eating away at it, and sooner rather than later it will finally succumb to the elements. So here's some pictures I took of it for posterity.

From a distance, the old brick building, which still has a dance studio on the top floor.

The back of the building. Gardena has a horrible reputation for preserving their historic buildings, as many on this street have met the bulldozer.

I used a drawing program to create this sign, just so I could see how it once looked.


So Cal Peeper said...

There's a wonderful hardware store on hawthorne blvd in hawthorne worth a look - it looks perfectly preserved.

So Cal Peeper said...

On the opposite side of the street on Western is a rather bland building - originally it was anything but. Currently, it's part of a Japanese association, but years ago it was a bar. The door always appeared opened, and on the inside wall (which blocked a view of the interior of the bar) there was a mural of bar patrons painted in a rather fun way - all the patrons were sitting on bar stools with their backs turned to the street, their fannies protruding.) It was there for years until someone purchased the building and PAINTED OVER IT....dammit.

Bob said...

Thanks for your comment. I remember "bank club" (because that building was originally the Moneta Bank)on that corner. and I always loved passing it when I was a kid, and looking into what I thought was an old time saloon.