Monday, August 07, 2006

Sequoia Before and After

As Promised, I have some before and after pictures of Sequoia. I was surprised to see how much some places had changed, and how others had stayed basically the same.

Here is the old postcard depicting the Tunnel Log as it was many years ago.

And here it is from August of 2006. It has basically remained the same. I think that the reason is because of its isolated location (past Moro Rock, not on the way to it as I first heard). The road is very narrow and pretty dangerous at places.

Here is a close up of a car driving through the tree. The tunnel is fairly large, so even a 4x4 could make it through the tree.

A more artistic shot of the tunnel. People would stop their cars and have somebody take a picture of them under the log. I am guilty of that too.

The sign giving information of the tunnel.

Here is the postcard showing Tunnel Rock as it was a long time ago.

Here it is in August of 2006. Notice that the bypass is the only way you can go now. I can see how this might be dangerous if it was still open, especially because of how crowded the park gets now. This is on the main road through the park, and an accident or anything unexpected could have serious consequences.

People can still get out of their cars and walk through the tunnel, as seen from this picture I took through our car windshield.

View the official Sequoia National Park website here.


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