Monday, September 11, 2006

JFK Memorial

I don't know who decided to create a memorial to John F. Kennedy shaped like a giant toilet bowl, but despite that misstep it still looks cool. I like how they painted the inside a healthy light blue. This memorial usually had a type of blue chemical additive in the water that really made it look like a toilet bowl, but here the water just looks dirty. Although it may seem easy to critique this little park, it does have a nice small town charm in the heart of old Torrance.

This close up shows an obscure quote from our thirty-fifth president. The giant tombstone is actually creates a solemn mood with its simplistic attitude towards the memorial. For many of us who would not be born for a long time after the assassination, Kennedy's assassination seems like ancient history. But for many it marked a definite change in their attitude of the country and their optimism for its future.

Here is a close up the cement flame on top of the memorial. Very nice.

The memorial is located on the corner of Sartori and Cabrillo Avenues in Torrance Ca.

View more information on John F. Kennedy here.


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