Monday, September 18, 2006

Movieland- Poppy

W.C. Fields, a movie icon, is shown here from the 1936 movie Poppy. Like the Charlie Chaplin set, this scene amazes the visitor through the use of lighting. The detail of the wax figure is incredible. I half expected this figure begin moving because of how realistic it looks.

A lighted photo shows the detail of the set. Not just a painted backdrop, but wagon wheels also add to the feel of the display.

This clapboard sign and the wax facts give information about the actor and movie. Quite an honor to be on a postage stamp!

The left side of the display.

The right side of the display.

At the Movieland Wax Museum auction the set took in $400. Pretty inexpensive if you ask me. Lighting was what made this set so cool, not because of a large amount of set pieces. I am not sure what became of the figure. Like the Mae West figure, they switched the real figure for a different one for the auction. It looked far less realistic than this one. It sold for a pretty hefty $2,350. The wax museum at Fisherman's Wharf already had a W.C. Fields figure, so they either kept this one as a spare or it went to the Korean Wax exhibit. The Hollywood Wax Museum has a very similar figure also.

View W.C. Fields Filmography here.

Many of the figures moved to a sister wax museum at fisherman's wharf in San Francisco. Find out which figures moved by visiting the Wax Museum's website here.


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