Saturday, September 30, 2006

Old Towne Mall-View 2

"Good old Days" in the Old Towne Mall

Since I noticed that so many visitors come here searching for my Old Towne Mall post, I thought I would share another view of the mall. You can see the Carousel gift shop on the left. What a wonderful place this mall was. Forget that the shops began as independent, local, and unique places, and that Children, Parents, and Grandparents could all enjoy Old Towne together. What made Old Towne so memorable was atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere! Check out "the west's slowest cable car" in the background (called so because it didn't move). I am not sure if it was a real car, or a replica, but it was supposed to be from the Powell and Market Streets line in San Francisco, and found its way to Torrance somehow. People could sit in it and just enjoy the ambiance of the late great Old Towne Mall!



The Seventh Stranger said...
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Bob said...

My Pleasure.

bobpiano said...

I was one of the first entertainers hired to play at Old Towne (ragtime piano). The Keystone Cops included Lenny and Bruce (who was usually stoned). It was a great idea at its time, and it helped to pay the bills while I attended grad school at USC.