Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gardena Valley News

The Gardena Valley News is a small newspaper in the city of Gardena. For over fifty years the paper was headquartered at 16417 Western Ave, but moved recently to a new location at 15005 S Vermont Ave. The sad part of the story is that the historic building, nearly 100 years old, was demolished in August 2006. These photographs were taken during the demolition.

This view shows the actual demolition going on. It was so sad to see this building go. My first job was as a paperboy delivering the Gardena Valley News. I would pick up the papers for delivery from this very building. Here is more information on the building courtesy of Ben Taniguchi of Galvin Preservation, "The building was more than likely constructed in 1910s and opened as an auto repair garage known as the “Central Garage.” At some point, either prior to or after GVN purchased the building, a second story was added. GVN moved from their office, which was located at 1113 W Gardena Blvd, to the Western Ave location in 1951. It is likely that the building was still an auto garage prior to GVN moving in."

View more Demolition photos of the Gardena Valley News building here.



Anonymous said...

I'm heartbroken! I worked for the GVN for one year and it was the best job I ever had. Great city, great people. Sounds strange, but I was attached to the staff and the building. It's sad to see the building gone. Thanks for recording the change -- it's good to see the pre-demolition photos.

James Fujita said...

I worked at the Gardena Valley News for a while.

it may have been a historic building, but it definitely wasn't designed to be an office building. drafty and dirty is how I remember it.

the folks there were great, the building itself not so much. I've visited their new location and it is much better.