Friday, October 20, 2006

Gardena Central Garage

If you remember my previous post about the old Gardena Valley News building, then you may remember this building. The Central Garage became the Gardena Valley News headquarters in 1951, and as this picture shows, it was quite different back then. Once located at 16417 Western Ave, the building is now completely gone and just a vacant lot remains. It actually is now part of the Faith Center Church's playground/parking lot.

This picture shows the added second story. However, the original feel of the building remained until they tore it down. Gardena does not seem to care about their historic buildings. More and more of them seem to be demolished every year, and they don't have very many to begin with.
(Archive photo courtesy of Ben Taniguchi)

View Demolition photos of the Gardena Valley News building here.


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