Thursday, January 18, 2007

Amc Del Amo

There's not much I like about the new Lifestyle wing of the Del Amo Mall. It houses overpriced merchandise and does not really offer much to people like myself who are on a limited budget (or just refuse to pay $30 for a t-shirt). But one part of the new section I do like is the AMC Theater. The design is pretty nice. I love the big courtyard and the lounge chairs that are all around the area. I remember when this section of the mall was the most popular, back before they tore it down and rebuilt it. There was a section that had paintings of faces that stared at shoppers as they went up and down stairs, the very small UA theaters, and the dome shaped fountain. I also remember the giant robot toy machine that was inside the Woolworths. I bought a toy knife with plastic holster there when I was a boy. Despite the nice architecture of the new theater, I haven't seen a movie there yet because nothing good has come out for so long. Man I wish I had taken pictures of the old section of the mall before they blocked it off.

Visit the Del Amo Fashion Center website here.



the seventh stranger said...

Ah, yes Del Amo. I remember as a boy looking up at that mural of the faces you mentioned, which you could see while leaning over to touch the tile fountain. I also remember eating these fried burritos at Woolworth's Jr., a fast food stand right next to Woolworth's. Remember J.K. Gill and Orbach's? Also, the other side of the mall was outdoor at one time.

Hey, do you have any pictures of Newberry's by May Company before they turned it into the Glendale Galleria?

Sorry I ask for so much, but it's cool that you have access to old pictures in the South Bay/Southern California area. It really brings back great childhood memories.

Bob said...

Thanks for the comment. I remember when Ohrbach's became STOR, now TJ Maxx. But I don't actually remember shopping there (I was just a kid). I think I am too young to remember many of the older landmarks of southern California. They all seemed to close when I was a kid and too young to appreciate them. Only a few, Like Old Towne, Zodys and Marineland really stand out. I don't have any Gemco Pics (even though I grew up 3 blocks from one), but thanks to Bryan for his link. Here's a link to an old pic of the Del Amo Ohrbach's;

Thanks LA Public Library!