Sunday, January 21, 2007

LA County Fair- Grandstand

After seeing Seabiscuit on television tonight, I thought I would post about a racetrack. During my last trip to the fairplex, 2005's fair, I took some snapshots of the Grandstand. The style of the building is really cool, not as classic as some of the other fair ground buildings, but I do like it. This wide shot was taken from the ski lift. If only the monorail was still around, I could have got some better shots.

The marquee is in pretty bad shape. I suppose large banners attract more people. Check out the top notch talent they booked for the fair.

Some neon signage.

Under the overhang. That big picture was a giant banner. At first I thought it was mounted on the wall, but it could come off pretty easily.

I really dug the tile work next to the entrance. The different shades of blue was very aquatic.

Visit the LA County Fair website here.


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