Saturday, January 27, 2007

El Segundo High School Part 1

Today's focus is on El Segundo High School. This high school opened in 1927 and has been featured in many movies and television shows. The architecture is very striking and the school is the main focal point of the town (except for the Chevron oil refinery).

Just to the south of the main entrance. Most of the surrounding school buildings have the same architectural style as the main structure.

Another wing of the school. Above the arches of the first story windows are engravings of school subjects. These engravings can be found all around the school grounds.

Sorry about the glare. The building blinded me with science.

A dedication plaque. There are also many of these around campus.

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Anonymous said...

I go to El Segundo.

The school is beautiful but it has grown and although it still has the same quaint look it has been a bit modified over the years so the engraved names on the buildings are now wrong.

The "Science" building in front is actually the foreign language building but it's nice because it reminds me of the history.

However the Greek "U" that looks like a "V" above the girls "Gymnasivm" looks like it tried to hard to go back to it's old roots. (I don't remember if they're ever redone the "gymnasivm") The history of students of ESHS see construction, hallway traffic and movie crews the same way "they're always there and boy are they annoying!"


But it's a mix of new and old. A new California shaped music room of only five years already feels old and cramped to the growing music program, the new science building already feels lived in and the new Woodshop room already has the smell of wood baked in there.

This is only after five years.

We manage to make the school feel lived in and quaint and I guess that's why movie crews are always there, aside of course from the beauty

Bob said...

Thanks for your comment. My Wife went to EL Segundo High, and she loved it there. She always points it out to me when we see it on TV. She told me the new 90210 is filmed there. (Even though they use Torrance High for the front exterior)