Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Knott's Berry Farm- Before And After Part 3


Maybe the opposing quality of these two pictures do not accurately convey a true before and after feeling. The first photograph is very poor, but it does show how the old schoolhouse looked in the 70's. The area does look fairly open, just like an old ghost town should be. The schoolhouse is an original one room building brought to the park years ago, and now stands in better shape than it did in the 70's.


Not exactly red, but close. What is that maroon? I'm not good with colors outside the normal spectrum.

Just for fun, an interior shot of the school. It looks much like it would have in 1875. The building is open from 12-5, where guests can relive the experience of one room schooling.

Visit the official Knotts Berry Farm website here.


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