Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Busch Gardens Skyrail Part 2

After a little more research, I am pretty sure that Busch Gardens did close in 1979. Perhaps someone got it confused with Marineland of the Pacific which was bought by the owners of Sea World in 1986. In any case, from the pictures I've seen the place was beautiful, but I guess Anheuser Busch makes a lot more money selling beer than doing bird shows. I just can't believe they trashed all the improvements they made to the park. In 1974, Busch Gardens expanded and built another monorail. That one basically circled the park and gave views of the many gardens and Islands of the area. I would love to see some of those pictures! So Busch Gardens had two monorails. That is pretty impressive. I can't believe that at one time Southern California had at least five monorails! Disneyland and Magic Mountain are the only two places left with them. Though Magic Mountain's was closed for a while before deciding to reopen. Santa's Village and The L.A. County Fairgrounds had the other two. There could also be more that I do not know about.

Here's a shot of the much smaller Budweiser brewery during the time of Busch gardens. You can see the Skyrail track wrapping around the building and stretching off toward the loading station.

Another beautiful shot of the Skyrails as they pass each other. I don't know if watching beer brew is all that exciting, but with a ride like this, it just very well may be.

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chris salazar said...

that's pretty amazing for a beer factory. I guess my dad wasn't much of a beer drinker 'cause he never took me there. I never even saw a picture of it until now! Of course now that I'm older I'd kill to go on a tour like that. Far out man.

Anonymous said...
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