Friday, February 23, 2007

Busch Gardens Skyrail Part 3

This is the final part of my Skyrail posts. Although Busch Gardens was just a brewery and bird sactuary turned amusement park, turned bigger brewery, I think that it deserves recognition as one of the most potentially great lost amusement parks of Southern California. The place was 70's to the bone. Bird shows, motor boats, beer barrel log flume rides, and of course the terrific Skyrail tour. When I was a kid and my family drove up the 405, I would always look for the brewery. Nobody told me whether or not the brewery was actually the former Busch Gardens, I could just tell from the look of the place that the old photos my father had were from there. I would look for the Skyrail, but as I stated in a previous pose, the place closed way before I could have ever remembered any of it. It's doubtful that any new construction would ever attempt such interesting projects. As roller coasters pop up left and right at our existing parks, attractions like Skyrails and monorails just don't excite as many people as they used to.

Another view of the Skyrail. One train leaving a building and another one entering.

An artist's rendering of the Skyrail as it leaves the loading station. It looks as if the track splits so that the trains can load on separate sides of the platform. The picture from part one shows this as well.

Visit the Busch Gardens Tampa website here.


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