Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sequoia Auto Theatre

Here is a shot of the old Sequoia Auto Theatre in Visalia California. This is another example of abandoned signage advertising a demolished structure. The arrow points to an empty field. I always have mixed emotions about abandoned structures and signs. It's their mysterious, lost nature that makes them so appealing, but these places are usually overlooked and under appreciated when around.

This blurry picture shows the sign from the other angle. Another website states that the storage shed at the base of the sign still houses marquee letters. See the pictures here.


Chris Salazar said...

wow you spent some time driving through visalia, eh? Haha well I've seen this sign many times and I gotta tell you I find it very depressing. I think the sign has degenerated quite a bit since I first saw it in the mid 90's. It's also curious since Visalia has a very active and popular drive in on the other side of town.

Bob said...

A group of friends and I have been going camping in Sequoia for years, and I always take pictures of the old signage and buildings along the way. If I had my way, we would stop at every point of interest. But then it would take like a day in a half to get up there. Thanks for the comment.