Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Japanese Village and Deer Park

Today's focus is on yet another Southern California amusement park that I never had a chance to go to; The Japanese Village and Deer Park. Located just minutes from Movieland Wax Museum at 6122 Knott Ave in Buena Park, this Japanese culture sharing, and wild animal feeding park seemed to focus solely on family style fun. No roller coasters here, just shows, animals, great landscaping, and beautiful architecture. Consider it Busch Gardens Van Nuys Japanese style. Switch the beer with sake, and birds with deer, and you have the Japanese Village and Deer Park. Maybe it doesn't hold as much wonder to me as Busch Gardens or Marineland, but the Deer Park really seemed like a place that almost anyone could enjoy.

Visitors of all ages enjoy petting and feeding gentle Japanese Sika and Fallow deer.

I really like this shot. Petting zoos don't look like this anymore. I understand how shots like this are meant to create an ideal setting, and reality never meets expectations, but it must have actually been a really cool place.


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