Friday, March 23, 2007

Torrance Housing Woes

I usually blog photos of architecture and amusements that I like, but I thought I'd change it up a little for today's post. A few days ago I read an article in the Daily Breeze about how the city of Torrance is coping with the housing boom coming to an end. Of course, the end of this so called boom is seen by most as a very good thing for the city. Besides the obvious ugliness of the dense townhome developments, the city now has to now face the burdens put upon its public works, health, and safety departments. The article mentions how the extra population has caused a huge traffic problem for the city, as well as the deterioration of the roads by this traffic. Overall, the "boom" had just made the city too crowded. Luckily, the new Mayor cares more for the overall wellbeing of the city and not just the few extra bucks these housing projects bring. He even mentioned how the city needs more parks. Something I have thought for a long time.

Thi$ picture of a Torrance Town home i$ actually a mild example. Mo$t of the development$ feature no trace of a yard what$oever. No community pool for the resident$ (that would take up $pace for more unit$), and mo$t offer little gue$t parking. Visitor$, and even re$ident$ who have more than two car$ or choo$e not to park in their garage$, have to take up $pace in front of neighboring $ingle family home$. It $eem$ like every lot with a big yard wa$ $ubdivided into two, and even three parcel$. Torrance, however, is not the wor$t example. Redondo beach i$ becoming ju$t a horrible place to vi$it. Imagine vi$iting a friend and having to park two to three block$ away.

Anyway, my next post will be more cheerful.