Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Catalina Island Yacht Club

Today's focus is on the Catalina Island Yacht Club. Located on the Via Casino, the Yacht Club showcases wonderful 1920's architecture. Unlike most of Catalina's famous buildings, the Yacht Club doesn't use concrete and tile in its design. Instead, a classic nautical theme highlights this great structure.

I Feel like I'm in New England. Although this is a snobby members only establishment, the building does look good.

Whoa, all of a sudden it got foggy! As if this picture was taken on a different day than the others. I wonder why. It really seems like New England now.

You know a building is important when there's a plaque on its wall. Actually, the building being used during the second great war is a really interesting part of its, and Catalina's, history.

Visit the official Catalina Island website here.


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