Saturday, April 07, 2007

Old Towne Mall- Market Place

An old fashioned Gazebo at the Market Place where diners are entertained. Food Shops with the aromas of Italian, Mexican, Oriental, European, and Western foods surround the plaza.

Here's a great picture of the food court at Old Towne Mall. Notice how busy it is. This looks like a scene from Disneyland, or Knott's Berry Farm, not your local mall. How many times have you seen costumed entertainers singing for patrons at a mall? The most I find today is a "deaf" person trying to sell me stickers for a dollar. Somehow that doesn't feel the same, and just makes me uncomfortable. The only restaurant here that I can make out the name of is "Old Towne Bakery." My personal memories of the food court don't have it looking like this. Does anyone have any information on the evolution of it? Maybe I just didn't pay that much attention when I was really young.

I thought I'd include a couple of photographs of some of the interesting patrons at the mall. This guy looks a little out of place, and would probably feel more comfortable in Old Chicago instead of Old Towne.

This guy looks more like a typical patron of the mall I suppose. Notice how this guy and the previous man are both looking at the camera.


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