Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tom Sawyer Island pt 2- Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness, which was once an intricate part of Tom Sawyer Island, offered kids, and adults the opportunity to recreate the experience of a true frontier. The outpost of the island, Fort Wilderness had a small store, and guns that made shooting sounds. What I enjoyed the most was the peek in scene, similar to those at knott's Berry Farm, of the Regimental Headquarters. Unfortunately, I never took any pictures of it.

A "Vintage" picture of Fort Wilderness. From the outside, it looks very much the same then as it does now.

The entrance of the fort as it looked after it was closed. So sad to see the fort not get a true final farewell.

My attempt at an artistic shot of the fort. I kind of like it.

It's dusk, and the sun sets on Fort Wilderness. What will be in store for this Disneyland real estate? A newer and better Fort Wilderness? An empty parcel of land? A stone fort similar to those seen in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? Only time will tell.

Find more information on Fort Wilderness here.

Next Time: A few more shots of the fort.


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