Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tom Sawyer Island pt 3- More Fort Wilderness

Lights out in front of Fort Wilderness. The island would be so fun to explore at night, but Tom Sawyer Island always closed at dusk. This shot was another of my attempts at art.

Just in case anybody missed the giant fort on the island, a sign directs visitors to view, if not enter, the once magical structure.

From the Mark Twain riverboat guests get a slightly obstructed view of the fort. Gun shots could once be heard when passing the fort, as kids and adults pretended the fort was under attack by hostile natives. The guns were removed a few years ago after a child was injured in an accident with one of the rifles.

A peek inside the closed fort. A water cooler can be seen inside the Regimental Headquarters which now appears to be a break room for cast members. I wonder if the figure of the Andrew Jackson is still in there.

Find more information on Fort Wilderness here.


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