Friday, June 15, 2007

Last 76 Ball in Torrance Destroyed!

These photographs both disgust and sadden me. On Hawthorne Blvd and 182nd st, the last remaining orange 76 ball in Torrance, and I'm pretty sure the whole South Bay, has just been removed. Not only did they take it down, but they really did a real number on it. This wasn't unexpected in general, but I did not think that they would do it so soon. The station hasn't been remodeled yet, and the ball is often the last to go. You can see in the back of the picture that the building and island still look old. But I noticed about a moth ago that they stopped spinning the ball, and that got me worried (for a good reason it seems).

A close up of the destruction. Those bastards! I wonder if Conoco Phillips actually realizes that they're weakening their brand by removing its uniqueness. I won't go to a Seventy Six anymore thanks to their stupidity. Now if they ever start adding balls again, then maybe I'll change my stance. Where are the new red balls that we were promised?

This is what replaced the wonderful 76 ball this week. Does this really look any better? A flat sign? Welcome to the unimaginative, bland 21st century. McDonalds thinks they're Starbucks, and Conoco Phillips wants their brands to get lost in the crowd.

Thanks to Ben Taniguchi of Galvin Preservation for the first two pictures.




thumb said...

You will have to discuss this with the Constables.

Anonymous said...

At least you get to see 76 balls. I live in Detroit,Mi. union 76 left our area for good in 1993. The balls left sooner than that. I believe our icy winters were too hard on them. All balls stoped turning before 1980 and by 1984 they were replaced with half-sphered balls.