Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Old Towne Mall- Clown With Family

Rest Stop in the Old Towne Mall

Here's another scene from the Old Towne mall. It shows a wonderfully surreal clown entertaining shoppers in what must have been a common sight in the early days of the mall. We also see other mall goers enjoying themselves, whether window shopping or taking a break on a bench. I guess their motto was correct when the proclaimed that "Old Town is a family affair." I don't recall ever seeing a clown at the mall when I was a kid, but by the time I was old enough to understand what was going on around me I think the mall stopped most of their usual street entertainment. It's a shame that so many attractions today focus solely on one demographic. Either kids are the main focus, or it's high end trendy fashion. Nothing seems to be made that kids can enjoy that doesn't bore parents. I suppose the joy of nostalgia and the optimism of youth don't mix as well as it used to.

A close up of the clown interacting with a boy whose head movement caused picture blur.

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So Cal Peeper said...

I personally like outdoor malls - like the way del amo on the Sears side used to be. But I really hate the remodeled exterior of Del Amo - where PF Changs and Lazy Dog are - it's SO DAMN HOT.

You bake trying to shop there. The place is begging for some shade or something. And come bad weather, you're completely exposed to the elements.