Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tom Sawyer Island pt 4- Injun Joe's Cave

Before it became Dead Man's Grotto, there was Injun Joe's Cave. Children and adults both marveled at its mysteries. Would they discover the treasure, or run into Injun Joe himself? Only the brave who dared to enter will find out.

The sign further intensifies the mysteriousness of the cave. Maybe Disneyland does have some unexplored elements after all.

The cave is dark and dreary (When you don't use the flash on your camera), and we hear screams call from out from nowhere. Who is the man who screams in such agony?

This sign explains that the sound is from the ghost of Injun Joe. A supernatural element is now added to the experience.

The bottomless pit is not so bottomless. In fact we can see the remnants of the last person who fell down the hole; someone who got a set of free green beads over in New Orleans Square.

The backside of the cave, or is it the entrance?


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