Saturday, March 22, 2008

Walt Disney World- Contemporary Resort Concourse

With the construction of another shop at the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World, the Grand Canyon Concourse of this 1970's hotel looks different now than just a year ago. Here's some shots of the area as it looked back then. This first photograph shows one of many lamp stands that graced the waiting area. As you can see in the background, there was already a gift shop, and that shop sold the same stuff as everywhere else in the "World". The addition of the new store seems unnecessary.

A view of outside through the patterned windows of the side of the building. The lamps were cool. They didn't need the Mickey ears that seem to adorn everything that has Disney's name on it.

The Game Station arcade. This may still be there, but getting this shot might be a little tougher now.

Another wall. It actually matched the planters. I was at the mall a while back when they were adding more of those carts that sell junk. Someone asked the manager why they weren't adding more benches and seating, because they really need them. The manager replied, "Because benches don't make money". That about sums up why this area of the hotel has an ugly store in it now. (A store with giant Mickey ears, a detail that screams "We have no more creativity, or originality left!")

The obligatory exterior view of the hotel from the Monorail.


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