Friday, April 04, 2008

Movieland- Kevin Costner

Here's a small set, that like many historical wax museums, shows a single figure in a simple tableau. Kevin Costner is John Dunbar in his 1990 Academy Award winning film Dances With Wolves. Most of the set is that backdrop that seems more grand with the lighting effects. Without it, the set is little more than dirt and rocks. The figure is fairly realistic, but for some reason doesn't seem to do the film, or actor justice.

An up close look at the Costner figure. It's actually a pretty decent figure. The detail is rich and it looks like him, but for some reason there's just something missing in my opinion.

The sign in front of the dirt and rocks (and tumbleweeds).

The figure ended up in Korea, at the World Wax Museum exhibit. It wasn't sold at the auction.

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