Friday, April 13, 2007

Milwaukee Road- South Cle Elum Depot

Every once in a while I find old photos that really spark my interest. After cleaning out my Grandmother's garage a coupe years back, I found several pictures of old buildings next to railroad tracks. I was drawn to this depot, and some other photos were of a couple of sub stations. I had no idea what railroad they were from, or even in what state they were in. After asking my family about them, all I discovered was that they were from Washington. So a little internet mystery solving helped me discover that this structure was was the south Cle Elum depot in Washington. Part of the Milwaukee Road, the station looks in very poor condition in this photograph. This picture was most likely taken in the late sixties, or early seventies. I'm bad at dating pictures (especially with no clues like cars).

I was pretty sure that this building must have been demolished a long time ago, but to my surprise it had just undergone a major restoration! Of course, the restoration included turning it into a restaurant and museum, and it was so great to see the building in such great condition. My Great Grandfather worked for the Milwaukee Road in the 1920's it turns out, and my Grandfather took these pictures, obviously to remind him of his childhood. About a year after I discovered these pictures I found an old album of my Great Grandparents which had some more pictures of the substation.

See photographs of the restoration here.


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