Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Redondo Beach Cinema

Once a very popular three building complex, the Redondo Beach Cinema stands as a shadow of its former self. Years ago it housed first run movies, but now it is a discount theater showing movies on their last leg. I loved the architecture of these terrific buildings, which also included a bowling alley and ice cream parlor. This one section of the complex is all that's left, and I wonder how long it will last.

The marquee betrays how long ago I took these photos. The mid century style of the buildings held so much magic for me as a kid when I stood in a long line here to see Return of the Jedi. The last movie I saw at these theaters was Jurassic Park. That was in the building that is now an Expo home design center. Work continues on the former bowling alley location. The death warrant for these buildings was signed when they opened the new General Cinema (now AMC) on top of the South Bay Galleria's parking structure.


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chrissalazar95 said...

Oh yeah I saw one of the Friday the 13th movies there, I think the one before he went to Manhattan. It's really a throwback at this point. There was a very similarly styled one in Visalia that I went to with my sister to see a disney cartoon (can't remember which).