Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Movieland- Private Life of Henry VIII

This tableau of The Private Life of Henry VIII is one of my favorites from Movieland Wax Museum. King Henry VIII is a popular subject for wax museums, and Movieland was able to create their own based on the 1933 motion picture. Charles Laughton plays Henry VIII, the infamous king of England who created the Church of England because he couldn't get the Pope to grant him a divorce.

A close up of one of his wives. She looks very similar to the ticket booth worker that was the first wax figure seen after you entered the museum.

A close up of Laughton's figure. He doesn't look too happy.

Another one of the wives I assume. Assigned the title "female extra", she could be a mistress seeing I have not seen the movie.

Here's a clapboard sign which shows a little more information about the film. They always tried to be as authentic as possible. The laughton figure sold at auction for $1,900, and three of the four women sold for $100, the fourth one (which can be seen standing on the left of the first photograph) sold for $400. The antique props sold for $1,400, and the set itself sold for $450.

View more information on Charles Laughton here.

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