Tuesday, January 30, 2007

El Segundo High School Part 2

Here's a few more shots of El Segundo High School. I especially like this first one. The school 's exterior is practically spotless. No wonder so many parents who live outside the district try so hard to get their kids on permit to attend the school.

The North West corner of the school. I've been told this section is newer than the rest.

Another engraving, I guess they represent the buildings purpose.

A direct shot of the main entrance and bell tower.

This plaque lays in honor of the marquee that can be seen in the first photograph. I find it interesting how giving a gift is never enough, there has to be a plaque so everyone knows about it.

Next time we'll take a look at the other side of the school.

Find more information on El Segundo here.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

El Segundo High School Part 1

Today's focus is on El Segundo High School. This high school opened in 1927 and has been featured in many movies and television shows. The architecture is very striking and the school is the main focal point of the town (except for the Chevron oil refinery).

Just to the south of the main entrance. Most of the surrounding school buildings have the same architectural style as the main structure.

Another wing of the school. Above the arches of the first story windows are engravings of school subjects. These engravings can be found all around the school grounds.

Sorry about the glare. The building blinded me with science.

A dedication plaque. There are also many of these around campus.

Find more information on El Segundo here.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Knott's Berry Farm- Before And After Part 3


Maybe the opposing quality of these two pictures do not accurately convey a true before and after feeling. The first photograph is very poor, but it does show how the old schoolhouse looked in the 70's. The area does look fairly open, just like an old ghost town should be. The schoolhouse is an original one room building brought to the park years ago, and now stands in better shape than it did in the 70's.


Not exactly red, but close. What is that maroon? I'm not good with colors outside the normal spectrum.

Just for fun, an interior shot of the school. It looks much like it would have in 1875. The building is open from 12-5, where guests can relive the experience of one room schooling.

Visit the official Knotts Berry Farm website here.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

LA County Fair- Grandstand

After seeing Seabiscuit on television tonight, I thought I would post about a racetrack. During my last trip to the fairplex, 2005's fair, I took some snapshots of the Grandstand. The style of the building is really cool, not as classic as some of the other fair ground buildings, but I do like it. This wide shot was taken from the ski lift. If only the monorail was still around, I could have got some better shots.

The marquee is in pretty bad shape. I suppose large banners attract more people. Check out the top notch talent they booked for the fair.

Some neon signage.

Under the overhang. That big picture was a giant banner. At first I thought it was mounted on the wall, but it could come off pretty easily.

I really dug the tile work next to the entrance. The different shades of blue was very aquatic.

Visit the LA County Fair website here.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Amc Del Amo

There's not much I like about the new Lifestyle wing of the Del Amo Mall. It houses overpriced merchandise and does not really offer much to people like myself who are on a limited budget (or just refuse to pay $30 for a t-shirt). But one part of the new section I do like is the AMC Theater. The design is pretty nice. I love the big courtyard and the lounge chairs that are all around the area. I remember when this section of the mall was the most popular, back before they tore it down and rebuilt it. There was a section that had paintings of faces that stared at shoppers as they went up and down stairs, the very small UA theaters, and the dome shaped fountain. I also remember the giant robot toy machine that was inside the Woolworths. I bought a toy knife with plastic holster there when I was a boy. Despite the nice architecture of the new theater, I haven't seen a movie there yet because nothing good has come out for so long. Man I wish I had taken pictures of the old section of the mall before they blocked it off.

Visit the Del Amo Fashion Center website here.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Old Towne Mall- Cable Car

West's Slowest Cable Car

At the intersection of Old Towne Lane and Cable Car Way stood an old cable car where on could sit down and relax after a day of shopping at many of the unique stores inside the mall. This shot shows several children enjoying one of the many elements that made the mall so special to South Bay residents. You may have seen the cable car in the background of a previous Old Towne post. This picture shows car 45 from the Powell and Market line. I had nearly forgotten about the cable car until I received this image, then the memories came flooding in. Hopefully they were not false memories. Does anyone out there remember if the cable car lasted the entire life of the mall?

With a new wing of the Del Amo Fashion Center opening recently, it makes me sad to think that today's mall designers are so focused on hip, trendy, and EXPENSIVE stores and locations. They would much rather place a cart selling frivolous junk than a cool thematic element like this cable car. Anyway, I hope this view makes all of the people who visit my site for the Old Towne Mall pictures happy the way it does me.


Friday, January 12, 2007

Rosslyn Hotel

Great timeless architecture is represented here in the Rosslyn Hotel. I kind of just stumbled across these buildings during a recent trip to Downtown. There are so many historical buildings downtown, but I never have really studied what is there. Apart from the Bradbury building, I don't really know that much, and haven't visited many of them. But these two structures just call to you from blocks away. The signage is just so incredibly beautiful and classic.

Apparently, the first structure was built in 1913 and another across the street was annexed in 1923, thus creating the dual structure. A tunnel was built underground to connect the two buildings. This shot shows just how easily the buildings draw you from afar.

The Rosslyn Hotel sign.

The second sign atop the second building built in 1923.

View more information on the Parkinson Architectural Firm here.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Three Rivers Big Rooster

In between Three Rivers Market and the drug store lies the Big Rooster. This massive carving by renowned artist and sculptor Carroll Barnes (1906-1998) stands as a reminder of the wonderful folk artistry that has come from this unique mountain community. Another Barnes carving, one of Paul Bunyan, stands in front of the Three Rivers Historical Museum. The design and artistry of this carving is so beautiful, and should not be missed when traveling through the town. It's visible from the main road but is also easily missed.



Visit the Three Rivers Website to learn more about the town here.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Knott's Berry Farm- Before and After Part 2


The focus of this next shot from Knott's Berry Farm is the Calico Railroad. Good old number 41 awaits passengers for a trip around the Farm. This picture was my dads. I am not old enough to remember when this shot was taken, which is between 1970 and 1973. I would not be born for several more years. The most noticeable aspect of the shot is the amount of space in Calico Square. Knott's had so much room. The lack of crowds in this shot also helps with the scale of the park. Another great detail are the trees behind the station. Beyond them is Reflection Lake, which was removed to make way for Silver Bullet, a very slow loading overhead coaster which kind of looms over some previously serene areas of the park.


Notice how cluttered this shot is. Even without counting the people, there is so much going on. I suppose having more to do is a good thing, but this large square feels way more crowded than it was even when I was a kid. The train is barely visible since the addition of those small structures. They have also added safety rails to block people from the train, which basically cuts the square in half. Notice the lack of trees in the background. They sure could use them to block the view of Montezooma's Revenge and Silver Bullet. This is supposed to be in a ghost town, and having two very fast coasters up in the sky doesn't quite fit in with the theme.

Visit the official Knott's Berry Farm website here.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sands Apartment Building

A friend and I were doing an architectural survey a while back, and we came across this completely unrelated building. Being a fan of mid century design, I had to take a picture. I can't remember the address of the building, but it was near the Normandie Casino in Gardena.

The title font is not too special, but the tile work is pretty cool.

The stars are what make this building so special. I always get excited when I see old apartment buildings with stars, or diamond shaped ornaments.

A close up of the star. It's in really good condition for it's age.