Monday, October 29, 2007

Turn of the Century- Lon Chaney Sr

The Old Towne Mall could be a scary place, and no other section of the mall represented that fact than the Turn of the Century Wax Museum. Here, eerie images of past movie stars and historical figures stared blankly in space. This picture shows a wax figure of Lon Chaney Sr. from his 1923 motion picture The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This figure looks incredibly acurate, and Quasimodo never felt so creepy.

This close up shows the tortured soul as if he were waiting for the next female museum patron to walk by so he could snatch her up and take his victim up to the bell tower. Excellent detail abounds on a very realistic figure.

View more information on Lon Chaney here.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Japanese Village and Deer Park- Doves

Doves Alight on Outstretched Hand Bearing Food

This is a vintage postcard from the old Japanese Village and Deer Park in Buena Park. These doves remind us a a not too long ago time when amusement parks had more that just thrill rides. They offered a glimpse into a world that most never see. Animals and shows that represented various cultures and lands showcased places we don't often have a chance to see. These doves wouldn't be much of a draw for Magic Mountain, and Disneyland never shows their petting zoo in their commercials. But the Japanese Village was all about such things. I wish I was old enough to have experienced it.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Movieland- David's New Home

A recent news story was published this week that reveals where the new home of the giant statue of David that once guarded the Palace of Living Art will be. The statue found its way to the Ripley's Believe it or Not! museum in St. Augustine Florida, and will be missed by everyone who visited the late great Movieland Wax Museum. This vintage postcard shows the statue with a bit more covering than it usually has. The leaf is a nice touch!

This shot shows the statue shortly before the auction in 2006. It continued to watch over the empty building after the museum closed. The developers who planned on remodelling the property bought the statue at auction for $120,000! Unfortunately, the plans fell through and David was without a home.

David in the buff. He will be unveiled at his new home on November 2nd.

Amazing craftsmanship went into this recreation.

A night shot shows the perfect man. He must be cold up there.

Read the article about David's move here.

Visit the Palace of Living Art in San Fransisco here.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Rather Large Cow

Or maybe it's a Bull. In any case this large Bovine is a great example of roadside vernacular. Used as a draw to attract drivers, these amusing creatures offer a distraction from the dull buildings and signs that line most roads now a days. This guy is located near the Sequoia National Park, either in Three Rivers, or perhaps Visalia.

A profile view of the creature. Oversized animals are one of my favorite roadside attractions.

Pretty good detail.

A different shot, this time without the banner advertizing cabins.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fox Drug Stores

1327 El Prado Ave Torrance, CA 90501

This great old drug store in old Torrance has such wonderful signage. Every time I go to this area, which is fairly often, I need to take a good look at it. For over fifty years this pharmacy has been serving the community of Torrance, and hopefully it will continue for some time.

Unfortunately, the trees block most views of the complete sign. So I guess anyone who wants to see the place should go there and catch it for yourself. The fourth Sunday of the month hosts an antique street faire, and that would be the best time to view the store.

Another shot. The store was closed on this trip. (As evidenced by the security gate being up.)

Another angle.

Such a beautiful sign. The owl is fake by the way, as if anyone thought otherwise.

View the Fox Drug website here.