Saturday, March 22, 2008

Walt Disney World- Contemporary Resort Concourse

With the construction of another shop at the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World, the Grand Canyon Concourse of this 1970's hotel looks different now than just a year ago. Here's some shots of the area as it looked back then. This first photograph shows one of many lamp stands that graced the waiting area. As you can see in the background, there was already a gift shop, and that shop sold the same stuff as everywhere else in the "World". The addition of the new store seems unnecessary.

A view of outside through the patterned windows of the side of the building. The lamps were cool. They didn't need the Mickey ears that seem to adorn everything that has Disney's name on it.

The Game Station arcade. This may still be there, but getting this shot might be a little tougher now.

Another wall. It actually matched the planters. I was at the mall a while back when they were adding more of those carts that sell junk. Someone asked the manager why they weren't adding more benches and seating, because they really need them. The manager replied, "Because benches don't make money". That about sums up why this area of the hotel has an ugly store in it now. (A store with giant Mickey ears, a detail that screams "We have no more creativity, or originality left!")

The obligatory exterior view of the hotel from the Monorail.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Old Towne Mall- Antique Car

For today's post I thought that I would share perhaps my favorite image of Old Towne. Here we see an antique car with driver, and one of the Singing Security Guards. They seem to be having a great time together, and are enjoying their employment at the mall. I love the shops and second story windows in this shot. I don't remember the car ever being at the mall, but I wasn't born yet when the mall first opened. I wonder how long the car was actually there. For a mall, they had a lot of vehicles parked in the walkways. I guess malls today still have them, but they're usually contests that people have to enter to win said car. Then the people who entered get put on mailing lists. But the Old Towne Mall has their car for atmosphere. Those where the days.

A close up of the car. I'm not an antique car enthusiast, so does anyone out there know what kind of car this is? It reminds me of something from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, or the Great Race.

A close up of the driver and the guard. Old towne recreated a time when women couldn't vote, but it looks like they were allowed to drive though. I know this is a posed shot, but she'll have to drive through the ropes if she's going to go anywhere.

Here's a shot of a sign from one of the stores. I think those are mushrooms on the right, another popular fungus from the seventies.

Anyone who has to buy cheep bulk items for parties or classrooms knows of the Oriental Trading Company. I assume this is the same company as the catalog people.

Remember the good old days when you could buy a gun at the mall, or bring your own gun to the mall and sell it. Ahhhh. . . Good times. I think this is Al's Gun Room, but a lot of the sign is blocked by the light post. Maybe it was Sal's Gun Room. Anyway, I hope anyone looking for Old Towne pictures enjoyed today's post.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Calico Ghost Town Now and Then

Today's post is of the Calico Ghost Town just outside of Yerma California. This promotional photo shows how the back of the town looked after Walter Knott restored the town. It's a very dry and barren land with not much foliage. Presumably, this father and son are having a great time gazing out toward the center of town. Father is explaining the place to his son who is actually interested in the town's history.

Today, the same view of the bridge. The buildings look rebuilt to me. McCulloch's doesn't seem to be made of adobe, and there's some detail work that has changed. But the view is pretty much the same as it has been for years. Tumble weeds have sprouted up, and the dry, barren land looks just a little less dry and barren.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Ted Green and Martin Chevrolet

This newspaper ad from 1968 shows a sketch Ted Green Chevrolet located on Hawthorne Blvd in Torrance. The building is still there, but is now Martin Chevrolet. This idealized drawing shows the dealership in a perfect light, with patrons walking around the grounds, but the best part of the picture is how beautiful the place looks. Mid Century architecture is my favorite, and the Ted Green Chevrolet building is a great example.

23505 Hawthorne Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90505

This shot is how the place looks today. The only drawback is how the large trees block the full view of the building. The sign is updated with the new dealership name, but the used cars signage on the back wall is still around. There was another dealership on Hawthorne Blvd next to the Penske Cadillac and Hummer that had a similar used cars sign, but that place is long gone.

A close up of the used car lot with the Martin Chevrolet sign.

And just the used cars lettering.

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